Legacy of Leadership


From the invention of non-invasive radiosurgery to the widespread recognition of Gamma Knife ® as the gold standard, Elekta continues to innovate technology to improve patients’ lives.

Clinical Advancement Comes From Asking

“What’s Best for the Patient?”

The question asked by Elekta founder, the late professor Lars Leksell, a neurosurgeon
at Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital, was, “What is best for the patient?”
He believed in a better, safer way to treat people with brain disorders and cancer.
Instead of performing major surgery, he worked with colleagues to develop a new field
of medicine — fighting neurological disorders with precisely targeted doses of radiation. With this new
treatment, patients could avoid open surgery and preserve healthy tissue.

Introducing Leksell Gamma Knife IconTM

Icon is the latest Gamma Knife system from Elekta and the most precise radiosurgery device on the market.

Largest Clinical Evidence

More than 2800 peer-reviewed publications describe the use of Gamma Knife.

Patients Treated

More than 75,000 patients treated worldwide yearly with Gamma Knife.

KLAS Award

Gamma Knife receives top ranking for the fourth consecutive year from an independent medical device-research company.

Since 2009 over 280,000
treated for Brain Metastases

Brain Metastases is the most common condition treated with Gamma Knife.

Leksell Gamma Knife

Elekta introduces a breakthrough technology for delivering radiation with extremely high precision and accuracy. Perfexion makes treating complex and multiple targets more efficient.

Automatic Positioning

Elekta introduces the first robotic patient positioning system in Gamma Knife. The treatment becomes faster and more automated.

First patient
treated in U.S.

The first patient treated in U.S. was at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Today, Gamma Knife is considered the gold standard radiosurgery system, with leading medical centers around the world preferring it as an alternative to traditional surgery for the treatment of complex, difficult brain conditions.

First systems
installed outside
of Sweden

Gamma Knife systems installed in UK and Argentina.

Gamma Knife

The first Gamma Knife radiosurgery system prototype was installed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Developed the concept
of Radiosurgery

Leksell and the physicist and radiobiologist Borje Larsson develop the concept of radiosurgery for the treatment of cranial disorders.


In 1949, Professor Lars Leksell developed his arc centered stereotactic frame based on Cartesian coordinate system.

“Tools used by the surgeon must be adapted to the task and where the human brain is concerned, no tool can be too refined.”

— Elekta Founder, Professor Lars Leksell

Lars Leksell


When Professor Lars Leksell invented the stereotactic frame in 1949, he probably didn’t expect his small, family-run company to become the world leading developer and manufacturer of stereotactic solutions.

Today, Professor Leksell’s vision of non-invasive neurosurgery has become the gold standard with Leksell Gamma Knife.


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